Grand Parents Day is celebrated on 18/02/2017

Republic Day was Celebrated

National Voters Day was Celebrated on 25/01/17

Swami Vivekananda Jayanti is Celebrated on 13/01/17

Annual Function-2016 Celebration Invitation

Maths week celebrated from 15 Dec. to 23 Dec.

KVS Foundation day is celebrated on 15/12/2016

Constitution day is celebrated on 26/11/2016

Communal Harmony Week celebrated from 19 nov. to 25 nov.

Book fare and Primary Mini Sports Day is celebrated on 17/11/2016

Bal Utsav is celebrated from 15/11/2016 to 17/11/2016

National Education day celebrated on 11/11/2016

Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week 2016  is celebrated on 31/10/16 to 05/11/16

First Pre-Board Examination Start from 19 Nov. of Class-XII

Half Yearly Examination begins from 19 Nov. of Class-XI

Study camp for classes XII & Xi will be held during autumn break

Autumn Break commences from 07/10/16 to 16/10/16

PTA Meeting of Class-I to X will be conduct on 30/09/2016

PTA Meeting of Class-XI & Class XII conducted on 24/09/2016

SA1 Exam commences from 15/09/16

Hindi Pakhwara & Swachhta Pakhwara celebrated from 01/09/16 to 15/09/1

Teacher's Day Celebrated on 05/09/2016

Janmasthmi Celebrated on 02/09/2016

Vidyalaya Panel Inspection had been done on 01/09/2016

National Sports Day Celebrated  on 29/08/16

Language Week will be celebrated from 23/08/16 to 27/08/16.

Sanskrit week will be celebrated from 16/08/16 to 22/08/16.

School Level Social Science Exhibition was conducted on 12/08/16.

Investiture ceremony has been celebrated on 05/08/16.

15 students were selected for National Sports Meet

SA1 Exam Commences from 13/09/16

Green Day will be celebrated on 04/04/16 to save Enviornment

Welcome Ceremony for Class I st students has been celebrated on 1st April 2016



Communal Harmony week will be celebrate from 19th Nov to 21st Nov'15.

Bal Utsav has been celebrated on 16th & 17th Nov in Primary Section.

Theme based Cleanliness Drive under swachha bharat Mission was celebrated from

1st Nov to 15th Nov 2015

XII 1st PREBOARD & XI HalfYearly Exam Commences from 21st Nov'15 &

FA3 of Classes I to X will be start from 23rd Nov'15

Theme based Swachhta Abhiyaan Organised from 1st Nov'15 to 15th Nov'15.

Annual Panel Inspection to be held on 29/10/2015.

Vigilance Awareness Week Celebration from 26th Oct- 31st Oct 2015

(Oath taken by all staff members on 28th Oct 2015)

Master Saurabh Kushwaha of Class X got 3rd Position in KVS National Sports Meet 2015 in Rope Skipping Free Style( Team Event)

Ms. Shivani Purohit of Class XII Sc. stands III position at K.V.S.Regional So. Sc. Exhibition Bhopal Region in Hindi

Debate (for) Competetion

Swacchta Abhiyaan Observed in the Vidyalaya during Oct month

Mock Parliament at Vidyalaya Level organised on 17/10/2015

Teachers Day celebrated on 5th Sept 2015 , Cricket & Throw Ball match organised among Teachers & Students and various cultural Programmes were also celebrated

Hindi Pakwara is celebrating from 2nd Sept' 2015  to 14th Sept'2015 due to Commencement of SA1 & 2UT Exam from 21st  Sept 2015

Rakhi Celebrate on 01/09/2015 under CMP Activity

Rakhi (prepared by students) Exhibition cum sale on friday  28/08/2015 at school premises under CMP

Parent Teachers meeting of Primary as well as Sr. Secondary were conducted.

Quiz & DEBATE Competetion is organised on 07/08/15 under CCA Activity

Regional Sports Meet commences from 18/08/15 & U14 Hockey and Football U-14 & U-19

Digital India week celebrating from 01/07/15 to 07/07/15

FA1 Exams will commences from 06/07/15

Last date for FEE SUBMISSION will be 15/07/15 for the 2nd Quarter after that fine will be there